We are a leading Japanese International Distributor / Sales Agent for All kinds of Electronics,
Medical & Industrial Equipment, Optical Products, Automotive Parts & Materials manufacturers.

For over 60 years that we exist, we have about 9,000 Clients & Suppliers in Japan and 3,000 outside Japan.

The Elematec Group's Headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. We have 21 offices in Japan
and 38 other offices worldwide to support our Solid International Activities.
This Global Network is one of our strongest assets!


Asia: China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India

USA  (San Diego, Silicon Valley, CA /  Itasca, IL / Maryville, TN )


Guanajuato  (Leon)




One of our main services is to import parts/materials from Japan & Asia. Please tell us what you need!
We will deliver anywhere you want. If you are looking for competitive parts/materials,
we find it from our long established & effective global network!


To introduce unique & advanced technologies from America to Japan/Asia,
we are looking for competitive American manufactures like you!

If you would like to promote your products to Japanese or other Asian market,
which is always challenging for foreign companies, we are your BEST partner!!
It's our expertise to constantly introduce innovative products and technologies to our existing
customers & suppliers who are always looking for competitive parts/materials worldwide

We have sales offices in Japan, Asia, Europe & USA with warehouse.
We can work globally as your sales department.

Let's work together and expand your sales in Japan & Asia!